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1. How do I place a made to measure order?


You can order made to measure from our online store or contact us direct if you have something specific you would like to commission. When placing an order you will be asked for either your size or specific measurements, i.e. bust, waist, hip, and length. You will need to submit your individual measurements if you would like your item made to measure.


2. What if I don’t feel comfortable taking my own measurements?


You can ask someone to do it for you or Davina Hawthorne can meet you at your home or place of work as long as it is not too far away..! Do send your contact details and make an enquiry & we will do our best to arrange a meeting.


3. How long does the order take?


Once payment is received it will take up to 6 weeks for your order to be delivered to your chosen address.


4. What is your returns policy?


Items purchased from stock can be returned within 28 days as long as goods have not been damaged. Made to order items are not returnable.


5. What if I am not happy with my made to measure order?


In most cases clients are happy with their made to order item as it is made for them! On the odd occasion there may be something not right. In this case Davina Hawthorne will do everything to make sure that you are happy with your purchase and will correct anything that you are not happy with or your money back.


6. Can I commission Davina Hawthorne to design something from an already existing fabric?


Yes. Davina Hawthorne is happy to discuss any commission large or small: it will depend on your budget, time scale and what you require. Please be in touch with any queries.There is no charge for initial consultation.



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